Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who are we and how do we approach the protection of your privacy? is committed to protect personal information collected from our customers at all times. Users of our website agree to clause that their personal data would be retained by us only for website use and for offering better services to the members/subscribers/users. Protection of personal information is secured by the Privacy policy guidelines of Our company Select Brands Ltd at registered office 1st floor Wellesley House, 102 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG1 4NH.


How do we protect your data?

The data protection policy of our company strictly abides by the guidelines laid down by the 1998 Data Protection Act till 25th May 2018. After that we follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a standard policy for all our data protection related queries.

Our company Select Brands Ltd strictly adheres to the privacy policy and personal data usage policy. Our policies follow the guidelines indicated by GDPR and we declare that all personal information that we hold about you in our servers are safe and secure. by signing up to our website or agreeing to use our services, you allow us to use your personal information, as per the Privacy policy.

We are committed to protecting your privacy

Collection of personal data of our users/customers/subscribers, by our company is limited to minimum amounts that is sufficient to provide uninterrupted services. Our privacy policy is transparent and it clearly showcases the various procedures we follow after we collect your personal data. When you use our website, it is our right to collect and store your information under a controlled environment, monitored by the policy guidelines.  


What information do we collect?

The personal information collected by us can be of wide variety and it depends on the type of transaction the client does on our website or the kind of purchase or search of goods or services is initiated. Below are the examples of information collected -  

At the time of completing a transaction or placing an order, our website generates an e-form that needs to be filled up with correct details of the customer. These information are usually very simple and include Client Name, contact number, email address, date of birth, address and types of items. 

If you happen to have registered an online account with us, it is understood that we shall store your password.

You need to mention your email address in case you want to subscribe our newsletters.

Our website uses intelligent Cookie that collects and secures relevant information about you and it is used for our future reference. Our company and other third party service providers would generally collect the following information about you.

Your geographical location, your computer/device details, IP address, your name and address, the browser that you use, the pages of our site you have viewed, the duration of visit, keywords for search etc. information about visitors to website will be collected even if the client have not yet logged in or subscribed to our services.

Apart from the general information we also collect other types of information from our clients as and when required for smooth functioning of the site.

Third party services providers like WorldPay monitors over the details of personal information shared by the client in order to verify payment details and at the same time, avoid misuse. During credit card payments, the details are verified by third party entities having collaboration with our company.  


 How do we use the information?

The information and data collected by us are used in the best possible customer friendly fashion. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable shopping experience to our customers and make securing relevant information from our web site as smoothly as possible. Following are the ways we might use our customer information : 

We use your information like contact details and email IDs to update you about new offers, promotions and new launches. These are purely marketing communications sent to you via newsletters, emailers, SMS messages, etc. Should you wish to, you may opt out of it by writing to us directly or sending us an email.   

Your personal information such as contact details and postal address is used in case of delivery of products you have shopped on our website or for payment related issues and returns of goods purchased.

In order to process your orders easily and in a much simpler way, in a shortest possible time, we use your email address and password to have access to your account.

In a quest to improve our customer experience and facilitate a smooth shopping experience, we collect and store your geographical details like postal code, your tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes.

We do our best to prevent any type of fraud in our client servicing or damage/loss of any nature. Our company is very sincere and serious about the same. The information collected by us helps prevent any possible frauds, duplicates or falsehoods. 

We have a dedicated courier service that serves the purpose of delivery of goods and services at your doorstep within the promised time frame. We store your postal address details for physical deliveries only.

Any data or personal information collected or stored withing the boundaries of United Kingdom are governed by the Data Protection Act of the country. We take every possible measures to avoid any leakage, illegal or unauthorized use of personal data, sharing of data with any third party without any specific reason apart from client servicing and business promotion. Should in case you need to obtain information about your account with us, you need to verify your identity with us and fill up and provide additional security information about you.   

What do we do with all that info?

The personal information and client data that we collect and retain is used for contacting you again. We never let our valuable customers go away and would like to continue shopping with us and remain inquisitive about us. This way we help our business grow and at the same time provide a joyful experience to our customers.

The customer information about latest searched goods/products, intelligence about taste and preference, information about client age group and preferences etc help us decide what kind of promotions or product information to showcase to the particular audience. We use specific personal information to improve our services.

Our valuable customers who have registered or signed up to our website have the advantage of receiving periodical marketing emails and information about new launches and products, special discounts and schemes. Some offers are exclusive for our subscribers only. There is an open option for our customers to stop receiving promotional emails or notifications.

As per normal procedure, after a purchase is completed online, our sales team contacts you to update you about your order and the expected duration of delivery.

After you have received the delivery of the ordered product, our customer servicing team shall contact you to know about your shopping experience and send us a review.

We might conduct periodical competitions and lucky draws to keep our customers happy. We use your contact details and email address to inform you about any such news.

We might use your telephone number or contact details to get in touch with you in case of any issue with the order that you have placed or while processing a refund against purchase.

While the goods are on transit after being shipped by our company, our courier company might contact you about the expected arrival of the product or any possible delay in delivery. We use your phone number and contact details in order to keep you updated about the shipped goods.

After you complete a purchase on our website/online store, an Invoice and bill is raised against your purchase, which will be sent to you via email as a proof of payment receipt. 

Your personal information can be used by us for improving our website, quality of products, service response and variety of products on offer. We can use your information for market research and client profiling. We can also use your information to let you experience a customized experience while using our website. 


Do we share any of this information?

We follow a strict policy about non-disclosure of any personal information of our clients collected by our company from websites. We never share any personal information of our customers with any third party, unless it is necessary as a part of business transaction, e.g. – delivering/shipping of goods at your location/address, confirmation of online payment, payment verification, return/exchange of delivered goods etc.

We use personal information to touch base with our customers and keep them updated about latest products, offers, new launches, periodical contests, prizes etc. This is a part of our customer engagement program.

You have the freedom to opt out or remove your personal information provided to us on our website at any given point of time. The right to withdraw information is solely your personal decision and we never object to it. Just in case if we need to disclose any information about you, to any third party entity, it will be done with your prior consent and written information.  

For our marketing initiatives and to enhance our business and promotions, we might indulge in periodical disclosure of information to a certified third party entity, but this information is strictly controlled and restricted to specific information/data only. For example : number of daily hits to our website, the number of online enquiries received, the number of website subscriptions etc. We do not disclose information about any particular individual.


Do we use any information for marketing purposes?

It is our constant endeavour to facilitate flawless experience for our valuable customers and in order to keep the excitement alive, we indulge is several marketing and promotional initiatives. But how do we reach out and convey the same to our users, customers and subscribers ? This is one of the main reasons why we collect personal information of our clients, so that we can be in touch with them and keep them updating about our new products, new promotions, new designs/styles, unbeatable discounts and so on.

In order to boost our marketing reach, and have greater market penetration, we often use the following marketing tools:   

This is a very popular Analytical package offered by Google that can be used by websites to have correct statistics about customer behaviour, volume of traffic, popular searches, frequently purchased goods/services, trend of products etc. The cookies that we use can detect the traffic to our website irrespective of analysing or collecting individual information of clients. The information/data is collected on the Google Analytics page of our website. We have an open option for our visitors to opt out/block these cookies to collect your information by just clicking on the below link :

Social media feeds and eye catching broadcast massages are the lifeline of marketing campaigns in the modern world. We maintain our constant presence on social media platforms with our new products, product information, promotions etc. Our customers can send us messages on the social media platforms and we do answer to customer queries via various chat windows available. The AI powered social media campaigns also records your tastes and preferences and you get you see only what you love the most. The entire marketing strategy is customized as per individual client preference. Depending on the kind of privacy setting you have on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, it allows the third party entities get access to your personal information.


If you search a product on our website immediately you will find advertisements of relevant products on social media platforms like Google, Face book/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/ Pinterest etc. This is known as using remarketing cookie tracking and it is a common marketing practice during modern times. We also indulge in creating personal experience for our customers by customizing emails to our existing customers and subscribers. This is known as building custom audiences based on emails of subscribers, customers etc. We make sure that the personal information of any customer is not shared to any social media handles. Remarketing technique helps our customers to view our products on various social media channels. We never share any personally identifiable information of our customers to any social media platforms. There is always an option to bar your personal information from getting shared on any third party platforms.        


Twitter: Opt-out of Twitter remarketing here.

Facebook: Opt-out of Facebook remarketing here.

LinkedIn: Opt-out of LinkedIn remarketing here.

Pinterest: Opt-out of Pinterest remarketing here.

Google: Opt-out of Google remarketing here.


Cookies...oh, not that kind! 

We are very transparent with our Cookie policy. Our users or customers can opt to avoid Cookies from getting stored on your PCs by altering the browser settings, however the  Cookies are designed to hold only a small amount of data depending on individual browser habit of a particular customer. Cookies help save time by automatically identifying a particular user each time he/she visits our website. As per our policy we never store any additional personal information about our customers from the cookies, without a clear consent of our customers. Cookies are used in order to facilitate an enhanced website browsing, product searching and shopping experience for our customers. Cookies guide us about your particular preferences and we try to show case only those pages to our customers that are of interest to them. Cookies does not give us any access to your computer or any data or information stored in your computer or personal device.

You can get access to our Cookie policy when you subscribe to our website for the first time and you have an option to choose, select or object to Cookie policy. You can choose what information to disclose and what not to disclose. Your browser settings can be modified/altered in order to block Cookies from collecting your information. Following are few examples how we handle Cookies:

Traffic log Cookies are used to recognise the web pages frequented by you, identify the most viewed topics and articles. This intelligence is used by our website developers to improve our website, analyse information about the trending product demands, any new emerging trend etc. it helps us to provide a customized experience to our clients/prospective customers. The information collected by Cookies are used for future analysis of our business and client servicing only and nothing apart from that.


Changes to this policy

If our company decides to make any changes to its privacy policy, it holds exclusive rights to do the same and a prior intimation can be served to our clients/customers/subscribers/users via email or written notice, if the contacts are already a part of our mailing list or client data. However it is our advice that the users of our website must go through the privacy policy terms and conditions mentioned in the document each time they use the website and remain updated.

Contacting us

Safeguarding and protection of personal information shared by our customers and users, are our priority and we are always open to suggestions, feedbacks and client requests at any given point of time. Our dedicated customer came email ID is set up specifically for client grievance addressees and solving complains. You can send us an email at to know what information we have collected and what kind of information we have shared with any third party. If there are any corrections to be made or fixing of any errors we are open for the same.

Following the rights you can exercise to safeguard your personal data with us :  

  • You have the right to demand a copy of your personal information retained by us
  • You have the right to get any erroneous data/information corrected
  • You have the right to request us to immediately stop using/processing any of your personal data

You have the right to withdraw from any prior understanding or agreement on data sharing