How Street Style Evolved?

Street style is defined as a fashion movement led by designers and artists who use fashion to communicate their thoughts and inspirations.

It's a style that sprang from the streets rather than from studios. It is also the result of urbanisation, television and not to forget social media. Trendy dresses popularised by street fashion find their way into every fashionista's wardrobe.

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London, Paris and New York are the hubs of street fashion. Women, the world over, wear high street women's clothing that first becomes a trend in these places.

What is street style?

Street fashion is becoming very popular these days. It is connected with modern culture and is most commonly observed in big cities. One can see, youngsters dressed in chic, trendy apparel on the city streets. Street fashion supports numerous independent fashion designers.

Combining contrasting styles, such as sophistication and athleticism, street style has become a popular way of expressing oneself. Today, both men and women may wear the same attire, such as T-shirts and baggy pants and team them with sneakers.

Street fashion trends are frequently cited as inspirations from mainstream fashion.

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History of Street Style

The street style is believed to be a phenomenon of the twentieth century. It did not make any influence on the fashion industry until the conclusion of World War II.

It was the time when individuals desired to break away from the usual way of dressing. As a result, many groups came into existence, each with its distinct style. They include hippies, punks, goths and bikers, to name a few.

Fashion innovators contributed to the freedom to experiment.

People with better salaries were able to acquire high-end fashion items. During that period, fashion outfits were mostly comprised of high-end fashion labels. Women wore the styles created by Christian Dior that complemented the hourglass figure.

This phenomenon has been studied for a long time in England, and the significance of street fashion was disclosed in the post war era. It was linked to the baby boomer generation, which came to represent a new social cultural group – the teens.

During the 1970s and 1980s, to be able to develop your style, one had to have the spirit to experiment.

It's no surprise that everyone is reviving the 1990s style these days. It was a time of vibrant colours, fresh trends and creative styles.

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Influencers' Style on Instagram

We can't ignore the impact of social media on street fashion. It helped the street style to become viral and considerably popular as a result.


Today street fashion includes quirky styles, bold vibrant colours, patterns and designs, anything from loose garments to casual T-shirts, and sneakers are in trend. Experimenting and creating a fusion of different styles to create your style makes one feel lively and it complements your personality.

With the rise of Instagram, it's no surprise that posts of individuals wandering down the street and clicking random photos have become extremely prevalent. Instagram keeps you updated on the newest trends, especially in the world of street fashion. Individuals who wish to create and flaunt their style without being criticized are using Instagram as a platform to experiment.

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Street style sporty clothing

You might argue that street style is merely an attempt to wear athletic clothing as often as possible on the streets. Supermodels like Kanye West work for sports brands, and as a result, average individuals with a passion for sports clothing are influenced.

Skateboarding is a sport that has had a significant impact on the development of street fashion. Skateboarding is sometimes associated with the persona of a street fashion enthusiast.

Sneakers with specific soles that prevent feet from skidding on the skateboards have become a street trend and can be found even in the closets of non-skaters.